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Notes from Cantor Avima Rudavsky Darnov

07/12/2022 12:33:48 AM


Cantor Avima Rudavsky Darnov


08/09/2022 01:31:23 PM


We are so thrilled to announce that you can now register your children for religious school through your shulcloud account.

Simply follow these instructions: 

1. Log into your shulcloud account and scroll down to "other info".

2. Look for tiles that say: "My Enrollments" and "Start School Enrollments".

3. Click on "Start School Enrollments" and fill in the information requested. Some information will...Read more...

08/09/2022 01:30:14 PM


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Learn Cantor  Avima's Top Tefillah Tunes, Religious  School News and more...

07/28/2022 04:35:29 PM


A singing congregation is a bonded congregation! Music is such an important part of our tefillah experience. Being able to "join in" strengthens our connections to each other as a community. Please join us the second shabbat of every month beginning August 13 after services to learn Cantor Avima's top tefillah tunes.  Ability to read music or Hebrew NOT required, in fact, neither is a "good" singing voice! Have a special...Read more...

Cantor, you changed the melody and now I can’t sing along!

07/25/2022 12:03:59 PM


 Every Cantor, upon beginning a new position, has the challenge of discovering the “Musical Minhag Hamakom”. “minhag ha-makom” loosely translates to “the custom of the place”. I have learned that Adath Shalom has some lovely customs unique to this community, such as reporting on recent events in Israel as we are about to offer the prayer for Israel after the Torah service. I observed that the person who holds the...Read more...

Tish B’Av, the 9th of Av

07/19/2022 06:44:28 AM



    No matter when I eat a latke, even if it is in the middle of the summer, I am transported to Chanukah. I am not sure why I would eat a Hamentash in August, but, if I did, I would likely start thinking about every Purim memory I have. Likewise, particular melodies from the Jewish calendar evoke a similar reaction. This past Sunday, we began observing a three week period of mourning in...Read more...

“Ma Tovu”

07/12/2022 09:15:01 AM


This week’s torah portion is best known for its famous blessing “Ma Tovu”.  The story reads like a comical farce. Bilaam, a diviner is tasked by Balaak, the king of Moab to utter a curse over Israel so that they would be weakened in battle. He tries to curse the Israelites but, each time only words of blessing come out of this mouth. In his final effort, we hear the words: “How goodly are your tents O Jacob, your...Read more...

Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782