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Shabbat Shirah

01/29/2023 04:59:57 PM


     This coming shabbat will be a very special one at Adath Shalom. It is Shabbat Shirah, "The Sabbath of Song". Shabbat Shirah gets its name from the torah portion which features the poem sung by  Moses, Miriam  and the Israelites in celebration of   the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea. This poem is actually a part of our daily liturgy. It is recited in its entirely in the preliminary prayers and the well known verse "Mi Chamocha ba'Eilim Adonai"" (Who is like You, Adonai?) preceeds the Amidah every day as well. Shabbat Shirah is celebrated in many synagogues as an opportunity to enhance the service with music. I am very excited that our newly formed Adath Shalom Adult Singers and Adath Shalom Young Singers will be joining me on the bimah.  But, don't be late, because most of the lovely melodies will be sung in the first part of the service (Shacharit) before the Torah service.  I am amazed by all the talented musicians, singers and instrumentalists we have in our congregation. I hope you will join us this Shabbat, Feb. 4 at 9:00 am.  

Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784