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Be Happy It's Adar  5784 

02/05/2024 06:42:07 PM


Can you believe it is Adar again so soon? Well, not so fast, because if you are looking for Purim we still have to wait a few weeks as we are only about to begin Adar Rishon, the added month of the leap year. Purim is celebrated in Adar Shaynee which won't begin for several weeks.  I have to admit, that although we are supposed to increase our joy in the month of Adar, I am not quite ready for the silliness and antics of Purim. I am still hoping for a miracle or two and the return of the  hostages. It is certainly going to be a challenge to "increase joy" this year, and I am happy that I have an extra month to find ways to practice joy, to consciously search for joyous moments.

This last week brought us many moments of joy. Our Dalet class (4th graders) received their first Bible at a special service where they eagerly led many prayers. That service was followed by a wonderful oneg in celebration of the centennial anniversary of the Federation of Greater MetroWest. Our Gimel students will receive their siddurim in just a couple of weeks. Bit by bit, we will string together many moments of joy and by the time Adar II begins we will have collected many little moments. And, who knows, maybe there will be a miracle. 

And, even if the miracle does not happen we will find joy in each other's company and in the celebration of Purim itself. 

Here is a beautiful klezmer piece which starts out very soulfully and towards the end breaks out into a joyous freilach. Budapest Klezmer Band.

Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784