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Prayer Melodies

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“How good it is to wrap oneself in prayer,
spinning a deep softness of gratitude to G-d around all thoughts,
enveloping oneself in the silk of a song.”
– Abraham Joshua Heschel 

Cantor Lois Kittner’s philosophy is to take you by the hand, and walk you gently and lovingly to Torah. Below are links to blessings, prayers, and songs we sing during our services and holidays! Pick one and start listening and learning!


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Friday Night


Page Prayer Audio
13 Shalom Aleichem (Goldfarb)


17 Or Zarua


19 Romemu (Taubman)


29 Ahavat Olam & Chatimah


30 V'ahavta


34 V'Shamru (Moshe Rothblum)


47 Vayechulu


48 Kadesheinu


49 Friday Night Kiddush


301 Shabbat Candle Blessing


313 Hand Washing Blessing


314 HaMotzi



Saturday Morning

Page Prayer Audio
61 Ma Tovu


62 Tallit Blessing


65 Birchot haShachar


66 Ashreinu


72 Psalm for Shabbat


83 Baruch She'amar


92 Ki L'Olam Hasdo


96 Ashrei


100 Psalm 150 - Halleluyah


102 Az Yashir


106 Chatzi Kaddish


107 Blessing after Barchu - Hakol Yodukha


107 Yotzeir Or


108 El Adon


110 Or Chadash


111 Ahava Rabah


112 V'ahavta


113 Vayomer


114 Mi Chamocha


115b Avot v'Imahot


116 Kedushah


139 Torah Service


141 Torah Service


149 Avinu Shebashamayim


153 Returning the Sefer Torah


157 Kedushah


182 Ein Keloheinu (Carlebach)


182 Ein Keloheinu (Freudenthal)


187 Adon Olam (Folk tune)



Passover Seder

Introductory Song: Circle Round for Freedom!


The Order of the Seder: Answer to the very first question: When do we eat?


The Four Questions: Ask them and add your own! A chance for our children to shine!


HaLachma: This is the bread of affliction…come and eat with us all who are hungry!


Avadim Hayinu: We were slaves to Pharaoh…


V’Hee She’Amda: The promise G-d made is for all generations…


Children’s songs for our little ones!


Baruch HaMakom: Intro to the Four Children Section of the Seder


Go Down Moses (Let My People Go):  Song used by slaves seeking freedom through the Underground Railroad.


Dayenu: Just rescuing us would have been enough: Conclusion of the Maggid storytelling portion of the Seder


B’chol Dor VaDor: In Every Generation- right before we eat!


Eliyahu HaNavi, Miriam HaNeviah


Hallel Part One: B’Tzeit Yisrael- Praising G-d for our Rescue!


Freedom Song Medley: Honoring the Ongoing Struggle…


Who Knows One: A great after-dinner song for young ones!


Chad Gadya: There was this little goat…  
L’shana HaBa’ah: the big finish!



Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782