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Daily Torah Study

                                                 Add Torah- add life!  -Pirkei Avot

The study of Torah is the ongoing creation of the universe.  Ideas and insights will rise up and you will discover in yourself reservoirs of wisdom and inspiration that you never imagined.  Don't just take my word for it: study a bissle (little) Torah and see what happens! 

Some great resources to get you started:

 AlephBeta: Five minute Torah chunks of incredible insight delivered in conversational, illustrated, enjoyable presentations.  Rabbi David Fohrman is a thought-leader for the 21st century! 

Bimbam: Sarah Lefton's revolutionary Torah talks for children and for all ages.  Short, meaningful, thought-provoking.  

My Jewish Learning: A great resource for browsing, and study from a quick look to a deep dive.  Brought to you by 70 Faces Media.

Sefaria: The mother lode.  The greatest virtual Jewish library in the world.  Your source of all sources!  


Rabbi Rudin's Midnight Torah

Sharing inspiration, ideas, visions and explorations of the pathways of Torah... 

Are Jews Supposed to have "Faith?"   Do the Ten Commandments require us to believe in G-d?

The Loneliness of G-d: Shema isn't a prayer or a declaration: it's a cry in the darkness. And an answer. 

Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784