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Letters to Israeli   Students 

10/29/2023 07:37:12 PM


This past Sunday our Religious School students were asked to write letters to students in Israel. These letters will be translated, scanned and emailed to a school in Israel via our Rishon, Noam Vashdy. Our Rishon, (who goes by his last name, Vashdy) will share the letters with his mother who is a principal of an elementary school. I have to tell you, I was blown away by some of the letters our students wrote and I would like to share some of them here. 

Dear Student, My name is _____ and I attend Adath Shalom Hebrew School. I want you to know I am thinking of you as a fellow Jew. Stay strong, you are not alone. Everything will turn out good. God will make sure of that. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have or try to have a good day. 

Hi, My name is _______. I have always wanted to travel to Israel. I hope that the war stops soon. I hope that peace comes for all of you and all of the people of Israel soon. My Grandpa's best friend is in Israel right now. I am in 4th grade. Israel is a very beautiful country and I hope nothing else happens to it. What foods do you eat there? Are they tasty? Have you heard of pizza? It is amazing. I hope everything turns out well. Shalom. 





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