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12/13/2022 12:48:16 PM


     I have often heard that Chanukah music is not nearly as beautiful as Christmas music. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel is fun... but it is not glorious or soul lifting. To those of you who are of the opinion that Christmas music is much more beautiful than anything we have have to offer... I humbly suggest that maybe you are not aware of the amazing repertoire that is out there. Yes, there are a lot of children's ditties, and, yes, a lot of cute parodies on YouTube, but there are also magnificent choral compositions,  klezmer, Ladino and Yiddish songs.  In fact, if I were to lead a little singalong and listening session of Chanukah songs, I would have a difficult time limiting myself to just "a few" songs. I would love to challenge you to go on a hunt for Chanukah music that moves you either emotionally or spiritually! I have found amazing music on Apple music streaming and of course on YouTube. Among my  my favorite choral CD's (yes, you might be able to find them on a streaming service) is the Zamir Chorale of Boston's "Lights: Music for Chanukah". I just found a fantastic klezmer album by "Ot Azoy Kelzmerband". Here is a link to a YouTube of the Zamir Chorale of Boston singing Ma'oz Tsur- no, not the "traditional" melody you all know, but a very old melody written by Benedetto Marcello in the 17th-18th  century.  I hope you enjoy it as  much as I do. Maoz Tsur (Benedetto Marcello) sung by Zamir Chorale of Boston

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