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D’var Torah, Shavuot, 5784 - A Tale of Two Grains

06/10/2024 11:17:22 AM


Rabbi Rudin


Rabbi Rudin

And you shall count from the gathering of the first Omer of barley seven weeks: fifty days and then at the wheat harvest make a new offering... (Leviticus...Read more...

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06/05/2024 12:50:50 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

Rabbi Rudin

Parshat BaMidbar On the Move Again - A Tale of Two Rallies

06/05/2024 12:37:25 PM


Rabbi Rudin

Read about the Israel Day Parade on June 9th


The Adath Shalom Delegation to the Israel Day Parade along with our friend from Ofakim (sister city) Daniel Ori.  BIG tip of the Rabbinic Shtreimel to Ilyssa Tepperman...Read more...

B’Chukotai - Let the Land Rest- and let us rest too! The Sabbatical Year- and This Year

05/29/2024 01:03:48 PM


Rabbi Rudin


In this week’s Torah portion, the final portion of the Book of Leviticus, we are told to be sure to allow the Land to lie fallow every seven years in celebration of the Sabbatical Year.   Not only that, but during the same sabbatical year, shemitta in Hebrew, we are to free all indentured...Read more...

Parshat Emor: The Blasphemer: Asking for Shelter, Invoking Destruction

05/13/2024 09:00:56 AM


Rabbi Rudin


Parshat Emor features one of the most disturbing incidents of the Torah: a young man, born to an Israelite mother and an Egyptian father, seeks entry into the tribal encampment of Dan, his mother’s tribe.  When he is rejected, he appeals to the Beit Din, the court of Moses...Read more...

To Ofakim- Post-Pesach Greeting

05/08/2024 02:14:07 PM


Rabbi Rudin

Shalom Friends;

Below, please find a greeting we prepared and sent to the Ofakim Community, our partner community in Israel (located in Southern Israel) in conclusion of Passover and wishing them a Happy Israel Independence Day.


 Ofakim and Metrowest have been in a partnership since the 1990’s- a partnership dramatically strengthened and reinforced this past year in the...Read more...

D’var Torah for Pesach, 5784 The Three Needs of the Exodus

04/17/2024 01:27:08 PM


Free Yourself and Your Home of the...

Israel Solidarity Delegation Last Report

04/10/2024 10:11:33 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Our trip to partner community Ofakim

Resilience, Hope, Solidarity- Final Thoughts

Our group in front of the memorial mural of October 7th when fifty citizens of Ofakim lost their lives, many in the acts of defense that eventually drove the terrorists out of the city.

The shelter of anonymity...

Israel Solidarity Mission Part II -Southern Israel- Tears, Love, Determination

04/03/2024 10:36:57 AM


Rabbi Rudin

In this week’s Torah portion, Shemini, we relive the harrowing deaths of the projected future leaders of the nation, Aaron’s two sons, Nadav and Avihu.

Wise, kind, virtuous and gifted, the two young men approach the Holy of Holies without permission on the day when the Tabernacle is inaugurated.  As divine flame emerges from the Holy of Holies to consume the offering outside on the altar, signaling the arrival of G-d’s...Read more...

Adath Shalom’s Israel Solidarity Delegation -March, 2024

03/26/2024 09:15:51 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Memorial at the Nova Music Festival Site


Four intense days of volunteering, supporting, bearing...

Parshat VaYikra- Hearing, Heeding and Doing

03/20/2024 09:39:07 AM


Rabbi Rudin

(G-d) called to Moses and spoke to him…

The first word of this week’s Torah portion, VaYikra, is one of the most immediate and evocative of the entire scripture.   Take a look at the way it appears in every Torah scroll in the world:

VaYikra- G-d is...

Parshat Pekudei: Looking at Our Community Through the Eyes of a Guest

03/13/2024 10:34:12 AM


Rabbi Rudin

A few weeks ago, Rabbi Rafi Tvizer of Ofakim, Israel, part of a delegation to the Greater MetroWest Jewish Federation sent from the communities that had been devastated by the horrific events of Black Shabbat, arrived to stay with me for two nights as part of the home hospitality featured in these emotional and powerful delegations.  I have known Rabbi Rafi- we met while both volunteering during cleanup from Hurricane Sandy when he was...Read more...

D’var Torah: VaYakhel- Our Tabernacle, Our Community, Our World

03/06/2024 09:28:24 AM


Rabbi Rudin

This Week’s Torah Portion Speaks About the Needs of Our Day

This week’s Torah portion describes the actual assembly of the Mishkan (Tabernacle), or wilderness sanctuary, which served as the spiritual center of the Jewish encampment on the way to the Promised...Read more...

Parshat Ki Tissa, 5784 - The Golden Calf and the Pattern of Brokeness -

02/27/2024 01:16:07 PM


Rabbi Rudin

A disturbing pattern appears throughout the Torah narratives.


At first, everything seems pristine and pure.  G-d’s intention and plan moves forward to a stunning and holy conclusion- and then there’s a sudden dark turn that forces G-d’s hand as it were and a new, broken reality...Read more...

        A Special Shabbat Guest, this coming Shabbat, 2/23-24

02/20/2024 09:03:21 AM



Dear Adath Shalom Mishpacha (family);

Rabbi Rafi Tvizer of Ofakim

We are all looking forward to an exciting upcoming weekend! Rabbi Rafi Tvizer from the “City of Heroes”, our Ofakim...Read more...

Tarshat Teruma - Building the Mishkan

02/13/2024 05:48:19 PM


Rabbi Rudin

A Message for Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month

Can you imagine a situation in which you make a donation to a worthy cause - only to be told, no thank you?  We have enough?


That’s what...

Parshat Yitro - How Does the Covenant Work Exactly?

01/29/2024 09:59:23 AM


Rabbi Rudin


On the third new moon after the Israelites had gone forth from the land of Egypt, on that very day, they entered the wilderness of Sinai…the Israelites encamped there in front of the mountain.


Moses went up to God. יהוה called to him from the mountain, saying, “Thus...Read more...

Hot off the Press! Shabbat Shirah, 5784

01/23/2024 01:55:06 PM


Rabbi Rudin

Counting Birds

Note: This Shabbat, Shabbat Shirah, the Shabbat of Song has a tradition to feed birds.   We devote one Shabbat a year to focusing on songs to G-d: birds sing to G-d constantly!  In gratitude to our winged friends, we scatter crumbs and seeds for them, especially in the winter.  Also, please take part in the worldwide bird count which runs from February 16-19, collecting important data on bird...Read more...

D’var Torah for Parshat Bo

01/17/2024 09:02:34 AM


Rabbi Rudin

What does it take for someone to change their mind?

Pharaoh is the archetype of the cruel, oppressive tyrant who is so filled with hate, so invested in his own power and ego that he refuses to have the slightest bit of empathy for the people he has enslaved and brutalized.  His lack...Read more...

Celebrate: It’s the Months of Shevat!

01/09/2024 11:25:20 AM


Rabbi Rudin

This month’s, (the Hebrew month of Shevat (January/February)) zodiac sign is Aquarius.  In Hebrew it’s called by the more prosaic name of דלי D’li- which literally means a bucket, water container or vessel.


Part of the meaning is purely geographical: in the...

Parshat Shemot: The Never-ending Exodus

01/02/2024 09:29:49 AM


Rabbi Rudin

I’ve heard that every person has a central metaphor through which they see life.  For some, life is a journey, for others a quest and for others perhaps a climb, a circus, a dream or even a feast.

In this week’s Torah portion, we are introduced to what I think is Judaism’s...Read more...

Recognizing the Brother in the Other- D’var Torah for Parshat VaYechi

12/27/2023 11:03:11 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Not just Fundraising… But Friendship! Adath Shalom pilots a Bridge-Building program with our Sister Community in Israel

In this week’s Torah portion, Vayechi, the long-estranged tribes of Israel are finally united once again.  The burden of generations of rivalry and hatred that...Read more...

D’var Torah: VaYigash 5784 - The Essence of the Book of Genesis and of the Torah

12/20/2023 08:47:41 AM


Rabbi Rudin

There is no more poignant and beautiful moment in the Torah than this week’s Parsha when Judah opens his heart to his estranged and unrecognized brother, begging for him to release Benjamin who has been framed, and to accept him, Judah, in his stead as a slave.

At that...

Page o Chanukah stuff

12/13/2023 09:42:51 AM


                                                                        Page O Chanukah...

Chanukah  5784

12/04/2023 08:53:02 AM


Rabbi Rudin

So here’s the question: Is Chanukah a historical commemoration? You know, the paradigm of Jewish holidays: they tried to kill us, they failed, let’s eat.

Not according to Rabbi Tzadok of Lublin, one of the 19th century’s most creative and thoughtful Jewish...Read more...

Parshat VaYishlach, 5784 - The Kiss Heard Around the World (or was it a bite?)

11/28/2023 01:16:48 PM


Beyond being the sacred text that molded western civilization and has had the most impact of any work of literature ever, the Bible in and general and the Torah in particular contain what can only be described as incredible storytelling.

Take this week’s parsha.  Jacob and Esau,...

 Parshat Toldot/Chodesh Kislev, 5784 Chanukah, 5784:  Bringing and Being the Light

11/15/2023 09:55:51 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Three of our congregational leaders at the Washington Rally on November 14th


Adath Shalom’s Vice President gave us the theme of this year back at Rosh HaShana when she told us to Be the Light. Now, as we prepare for...Read more...

Chayei Sarah, 5784 Campus Update: One of our College Students Speaks out!

11/07/2023 05:35:28 PM


Sarah Imenu, Sarah Our Mother, whose life is celebrated in this week’s Parsha, exemplifies the authenticity and moral courage that nurtures the Jewish people to this day. It is appropriate to share the words of one of our community’s spiritual successors of Sarah as we continue to be nurtured by her example.

This week’s D’var Tora comes to us from Adath Shalom alumna, Carly, who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at our shul and...Read more...

Hunkering Down or Heading Out?  

11/01/2023 10:42:18 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Abraham our Ancestor is not exactly a shrinking violet. When his nephew Lot is kidnapped among others by a large invading force, Abraham does not suffice with prayer. He assembles a small coalition and goes after the invaders.  Coming by night upon the overconfident army of the Mesopatamian...Read more...

It is Time to Pay Attention: D’var Torah for Lech L’cha, 5784

10/23/2023 09:14:15 AM


Rabbi Rudin

In this week’s Parsha, Lech L’cha, we are introduced to Abraham. 

Kind of a weird introduction, actually. “G-d said to Abraham, ‘Go from your country, your birthplace, your father’s house to the land that I will show you. I will bless you and magnify your name and through you all the families of the...Read more...

Love for and of Israel

10/17/2023 01:33:42 PM


Jon Kessler


Dear Adath Shalom Family;

This week's D'var Torah was written by our member Jon Kessler. Jon asks us to look beyond the darkness and challenges of this moment and to reflect on our own relationship with the land and people of Israel.  Whatever your connection, I hope that you...Read more...

Simchat Torah - Judaism Celebrates Change

10/04/2023 09:19:13 AM


Rabbi Rudin

If you’ve seen or heard about Simchat Torah celebrations in New York, Moscow, Boston, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, London, Johannesburg, you know that they are huge, joyful spectacles where we dance our Torahs out into the streets and the joy, music and celebration are explosive and...Read more...

The Sukkah: Enduring in Its Impermanence Sukkot 5784

09/27/2023 08:58:03 AM


Rabbi Rudin


Sitting out in the Sukkah on a crisp fall evening is the mother of all immersive experiences.

You feel somehow secure and enclosed in the flimsy walls and patchy roof but at the same time, the fragility of the shelter makes you acutely aware of the outside darkness and the...Read more...

Yom Kippur, 5784

09/19/2023 08:44:19 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Every year we are asked to run a spiritual marathon - 25 hours of prayer, reflection, repentance and… fasting!

I hear stories of our ancestors in the old country making it a literal marathon where they are in shul for the entire time, everyone dressed in white robes,...Read more...

The Meaning of Rosh HaShana, the Jewish New Year, the Renewal of the World

09/11/2023 03:02:57 PM


Rabbi Rudin

Rosh HaShana is just another day, right? It’s not an equinox or a solstice. It has no astronomical significance. No eclipse, no magnetic flux, no bells and whistles. It’s not even the first month of the year - it’s the seventh. It’s not even the anniversary of the...Read more...

When Do We Do the Inner Work?

09/03/2023 10:21:33 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

D’var Torah for Selichot Services, 5783/2023

Selichot services take place on Saturday night and we hear again the plaintive...Read more...

The Shofar Ten - Part II - Rabbi Saadya Gaon’s Final Five Reasons for Sounding the Shofar

08/30/2023 06:49:33 AM


Rabbi Rudin

The sound of the Shofar is powerful, evocative, moving - but why exactly? To try to explain, Rabbi Saadya Gaon, Rosh Yeshiva of the Harvard of Yeshivas, Sura back in tenth century Babylonia, near modern day Baghdad assigned not one but ten Jewish historical moments that the Shofar...Read more...

The Shofar Ten - Part One

08/21/2023 12:34:54 PM


Rabbi Rudin


The plaintive cry of the Shofar is a highlight of Rosh HaShana but what exactly does it mean?

Tenth Century whiz-kid Rabbi (he was appointed head of the largest Yeshiva in Babylonia at only 36 years old) Saadia Gaon gives us ten spiritual associations that the Shofar...Read more...

Rosh Chodesh Elul: Sound the Shofar!  Eight Things to Know about Elul

08/14/2023 09:18:44 AM


Rabbi Rudin


The Jewish month that begins on Thursday and Friday is the last month of the year - Elul. The Shofar is sounded each day of Elul (including Rosh Chodesh and aside from the last day of the month) to awaken our souls to Teshuva (repentance),...Read more...

Parshat Re’eh: I have set before you a blessing and a curse… The Summer of 2023: Seeking blessing, facing challenges

08/08/2023 08:41:54 AM


Rabbi Rudin

This week’s parsha declares that in every circumstance, we have the opportunity to wrest blessings from challenges.

In a difficult summer that saw the highest recorded temperatures in history, filled our skies with smoke and challenged us with the anxieties of uncertain times,...Read more...

Parshat VaEtchanan- Shabbat Nachamu, the Shabbat of Consolation

07/24/2023 09:28:01 AM


Rabbi Rudin

The Unanswered Prayer


At that time, I begged G-d…let me please cross over and see the good land across the Jordan, the goodly highlands and the mountains of Israel! (Deuteronomy 3:25)

Moses has dedicated his entire...

The White Fast and the Black Fast... and Why-

07/18/2023 03:51:49 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

     Listen to Rabbi Rudin - Click HERE 

There are Two 24 hour Fast Days in Judaism: the White Fast of Yom Kippur and the Black Fast of Tisha B’Av.

Many people fast during...

                        Mattot-Masei: These are the Journeys of the Children of Israel…                           

07/11/2023 01:49:49 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

The Torah’s account of the forty-two encampments of our ancient travels through the wilderness on their way to Israel contains a message.  Miraculous wells of pure water that spring from the rocks, enemies that dog our steps but who fall before our faith,...Read more...

The Season of Sorrow:  Tisha B'Av  and the Three Weeks

07/04/2023 10:44:05 AM


 Know for certainty that every descent we experience in life is only for the sake  of rising up even higher

-Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav

 On the Ninth of Av, the Temple was destroyed and the Jewish people...Read more...

All of Us Means All of Us D'var Torah for  Parshat Chukkat-Balak

06/27/2023 10:21:19 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

This interpretation of the Torah narrative is inspired by Rabbinic teachings called Midrash.  

In this week’s Torah portion, those who hate and fear us, in this case, his majesty, Balak ben Tzippur, King of Moab and his allies, hire a major league sorcerer (in modern terms, we’d call him an ‘influencer’), Balaam, to curse us.  

I know that those you curse are cursed, says...

The End of Strife Parshat Korach, 5783Book of Numbers, 16-18

06/21/2023 11:37:57 AM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


This week’s Parsha, Korach, describes a terrible schism in the Jewish people.  The once righteous but ultimately mistaken and sinful Korach, who has been passed over for priestly leadership in favor of his cousin, Aaron, gathers a large group and attacks Moses...Read more...

The Five Minute Rabbi Part Two

06/13/2023 08:50:51 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Don’t Read- Listen!

Right Here


This is part II of a mini-podcast series on the laws of Shabbat observance in...Read more...

A Darkness that Can Be  Felt - Interfaith Dialogue in the Haze

06/07/2023 01:43:02 PM


Rabbi Rudin

Once a month I take part in an interfaith conversation with a group of Christians, Hindus and Muslims. Over the time that our Interfaith Council has met, we have learned to trust each other and become friends. Our discussions are open-hearted. Despite...Read more...

The Five Minute Rabbi

05/31/2023 09:29:47 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Don’t read this- listen to it right here!


The Torah says (Exodus, parshat Mishpatim): Six Days you shall labor and perform all of your...Read more...

       Shavuot: Seven Weeks to Freedom

05/23/2023 03:11:31 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


What is Shavuot?  Well, seven weeks ago we celebrated the anniversary of the Exodus. Freedom from slavery and the horrors of Pharaoh’s Egypt. ...Read more...

In the Desert: Again. Parshat BaMidbar

05/14/2023 07:02:22 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

In Numbers, the fourth book of the Torah, we join the Jewish people on their journey through the howling wilderness on our way to the Promised Land.  We encounter moments of joy and challenges of rebellion and disaster.  But through it all, though long...Read more...

The Secret of Jewish Observance

05/08/2023 10:52:09 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

Contemplating the Conclusion of the Jewish Year, 5783

Looking at Jewish spiritual life, it’s really astonishing just how much stuff we do.  I mean look at it:  We start the year by blowing loud blasts on Ram’s...Read more...

Lag B’Omer!  The Holiday of Hiddenness

05/03/2023 05:33:17 AM


Rabbi Rudin

No texts, no prayers, no services…. And no real name!  Lag B’Omer actually means “thirty three days of the Omer Count”! 


So what gives?


The Five Minute  Rabbi:  What to Know about...Counting the Omer!

05/02/2023 05:36:38 PM


Rabbi Rudin

                                                                                      See/hear this week's message on the go:  


Israel: It’s Not Complicated

04/25/2023 01:26:23 PM


Rabbi Rudin

It is very rare to see positive coverage of Israel in the world press.  There are too many examples and too much explanation is required to expose how profound the distortion is for this short message.  But as one who has been to Israel thirty times (at...Read more...

Take the Clean Speech Challenge - Together with Jewish Organizations and Shuls from all over Jersey!

04/18/2023 08:45:44 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Who is the one who desires life, who loves their days and sees good?  It is the one who guards their tongue from speaking ill, and their lips from guile, turning aside from hurtfulness, seeking peace and pursuing peace.

-Psalm 34:13-15

Judaism doesn’t...

Where is our miracle?   D’var Torah for the Seventh Day of Pesach

04/10/2023 11:23:14 AM


Rabbi Rudin


On the Seventh Day of Pesach which begins Tuesday night, we celebrate the Parting of the Sea of Reeds. 

The story goes like this: Pharaoh and Egypt have finally released Israel.  We head out, mustering at Ramses and then...Read more...

B’Chukotai - Let the Land Rest- and let us rest too! The Sabbatical Year- and This Year

05/29/2024 12:59:40 PM


Rabbi Rudin

In this week’s Torah portion, the final portion of the Book of Leviticus, we are told to be sure to allow the Land to lie fallow every seven years in celebration of the Sabbatical Year.   Not only that, but during the same sabbatical year, shemitta in Hebrew, we are to free all indentured servants and to...Read more...

To Ofakim- Post-Pesach Greeting

05/08/2024 02:07:47 PM


Rabbi Rudin

Shalom Friends;
Below, please find a greeting we prepared and sent to the Ofakim Community, our partner community in Israel (located in Southern Israel) in conclusion of Passover and wishing them a Happy Israel Independence Day.
Ofakim and MetroWest have been in a partnership since the 1990’s- a partnership dramatically strengthened and reinforced this past year in...Read more...

Parshat Pekudei: Looking at Our Community Through the Eyes of a Guest

03/13/2024 10:27:48 AM


Rabbi Rudin

A few weeks ago, Rabbi Rafi Tvizer of Ofakim, Israel, part of a delegation to the Greater MetroWest Jewish Federation sent from the communities that had been devastated by the horrific events of Black Shabbat, arrived to stay with me for two nights as part of the home hospitality featured in these emotional and powerful delegations.  I have known Rabbi Rafi- we met while both volunteering during...Read more...

12/13/2023 09:40:48 AM


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Rosh Chodesh Elul: Sound the Shofar! Eight Things to Know about Elul

08/14/2023 09:17:51 AM


Rabbi Rudin

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Why I Fast on Tisha B'Av

07/18/2023 03:26:39 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


Don't Read this- listen to it!  Click here!

There are Two 24 hour Fast Days in Judaism: the White Fast of Yom Kippur and the Black Fast of Tisha B’Av.

Many people fast during Yom...

07/11/2023 01:48:49 PM


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06/07/2023 01:42:36 PM


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05/03/2023 05:31:18 AM


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Pesach 5783

04/04/2023 08:57:00 AM


Rabbi Rudin

                   Backgrounder: Don’t Forget to Count the Omer!

                           A Short Guide to Sefirat HaOmer

                                             By Rabbi Rudin

Shabbat HaGadol

03/29/2023 01:55:32 PM


Rabbi Rudin

This Shabbat is called  Shabbat HaGadol, the Great Shabbat. Our tradition teaches that back in Egypt, this Shabbat, four days before the Exodus, was when the Jewish people refused to labor any longer as slaves.  Instead, they took lambs for offerings as a prelude to their freedom.

In essence, our freedom began as an act of defiance: no longer agreeing to be slaves and instead, offering the sacred animal of the Egyptians, the...Read more...

Guest Teacher!  -   Find the Mitzvah that Speaks to You!

03/21/2023 05:25:51 PM


Chava Yeta bat Aryeh. v'Aliza Avigayi

This week's D'var Torah is presented by our recent Bat Mitzvah who provides a very powerful and meaningful message about spirituality: find the Mitzvah that speaks to you and make it into the wings that lift you!   

The name of my parsha...

Matzah and Maror or Apples and Honey?  When was the World Created?

03/19/2023 05:59:14 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

When exactly was the world created?  The Rabbis of the Talmud weigh in. 

Rabbi Eliezer says that the world was created in the harvest month of Tishrei.  Rabbi Joshua argues that it was created in the springtime month of Nisan.  Both...Read more...

Pesach Mitzrayim and Pesach Dorot- The Egyptian Passover and the Passover of the Generations

03/12/2023 08:50:41 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


Passover is the story-telling holiday disguised as a meal. We love to kvetch about the dry, crackly Matzah but this most quintessential of all Jewish foods has a subtle nutty, homey flavor that deep down, tugs at our...Read more...

Esther Concealed and Revealed: the Mask of Purim

03/06/2023 12:31:10 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


Purim, the early spring dress-up holiday celebrating the defeat of an evil doer’s attempt to wipe us out, has surprising depths. 

Aside from frivolity and joy, the great theme of the day is...Read more...

              Dispelling the Shadow: Parshat Zachor-   the Secret of Amalek

02/27/2023 12:45:19 AM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


This Shabbat we read Parshat Zachor, a short passage from Deuteronomy evoking a moment of unspeakable horror and trauma:

Remember what Amalek did to you as you left Egypt: coming upon you when you were exhausted and weakened, attacking...Read more...

Parhat Mishpatim: Searching for the Essence of Jewish Life

02/12/2023 08:29:56 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


I can’t worship a G-d whom I can understand.

I can’t practice a religion that I can explain.


Lessons on Freedom from the Torah Part III

02/05/2023 11:47:42 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

We have seen in this series that the Exodus narrative is the world’s greatest tool of personal freedom and empowerment.  Part one explored the necessity of freedom as a precondition of being who we truly are.  In part two, we explored the need to master time as the second precondition for freedom.  

In today’s lesson, we encounter one of the central Mitzvot of Judaism and delve into its...Read more...

The First Mitzvah:  Exodus Lessons in Freedom Part II

01/29/2023 05:20:20 PM



The Exodus story isn’t just an epic saga.  It’s an instruction manual on how to be free.  The word in Hebrew for Freedom, Cherut, חרות isn’t about being rid of obligations and responsibility.  That’s not what freedom means to...Read more...

Leaving Egypt: The Ongoing Journey of Freedom

01/21/2023 10:06:30 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


The story that we tell over and over again, every day, through our prayers and sacred texts, isn't about religion per se.  The Stand at Sinai when we all heard G-d's Ten Commandments, the basis of the Mitzvot, practices, customs and rules of Jewish life is certainly...Read more...

Who Will Stand With  Us?  Parshat Va'Erah

01/17/2023 06:36:44 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

The above iconic picture shows Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, a survivor of the Holocaust and one of the greatest teachers to...Read more...

The Turning Point- Parshat Shemot/Exodus

01/08/2023 05:00:57 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

The first two chapters of Exodus go from degradation to degradation.   The Jewish people, the Children of Israel, are enslaved.  Their suffering and oppression at the hands of the Egyptians is beyond all imagining - or rather, it would be if we had not been subjected to...Read more...

Did The Jews Make Resolutions in Egypt?

01/03/2023 05:19:01 AM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

According to the Talmud, keeping resolutions is all about who you make the resolution to.  Making a promise to yourself is great.  But at the same time, when you are able to go beyond yourself and realize that others are counting on you, then the chances...Read more...

Eight Candles Gone: A Goodbye to Chanukah Rock Anthem…                                                       &nbs

12/23/2022 05:31:40 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin



12/23/2022 04:28:45 PM


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Eight Lights for Eight Nights: Chanukah 5783- The Hidden Light

12/18/2022 01:16:31 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


In the Torah, the supreme source book of Judaism, light is the very first creation.  And yet… none of us has ever seen it.  This light that we see by -- that is not the first primordial light.  That...Read more...

Chanukah - Were the Maccabees Right Wing Extremists?

12/11/2022 11:49:44 AM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin






Yes, that is the buzz.  The Maccabees were a bunch of religious fundamentalist wack a doodles.  That's the claim and here's the background... it's 250 BCE.

Under the rule of the Syrian...

Take My Camels... Please!  Parshat VaYishlach

12/04/2022 06:47:30 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

Abraham and Sarah, the first Jewish couple, give birth to Isaac. Isaac marries Rebecca.  They have twin boys, Esau and Jacob.  When it comes time for Isaac to choose which of his two sons will receive the blessing of Abraham to become the progenitor...Read more...

What’s with the Rocks?: How to Overcome Obstacles: Lessons from Parshat Yetzei. פרשת ויצא

11/28/2022 07:06:21 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

This week’s Torah portion tells us about the journey of Jacob, the last patriarch who gave us all our name of Israel.  But the starring role goes to another figure we encounter.  A rock.  That’s right, a rock. 

Seventeen-year-old Jacob, fleeing to...

Let Us Give Thanks... 

11/20/2022 02:15:26 PM


Rabbi Rudin


Among the gifts that the Jews have given the world is the gift of gratitude- for gratitude requires a source.  Seeing each day, seeing the world, as a gift given rather than an ordeal to endure, that is truly a revolution in how each human sees life, for no matter what we face,...Read more...

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