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08/11/2020 02:29:47 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

Rabbi Rudin

Climbing Sinai: Preparing for Shavuot

05/15/2022 05:49:33 PM


Rabbi Rudin


Coming in this year on June 4th, the two-day festival (one day in Israel) really wraps it up....or does it?

Shavuot, falling Seven Weeks to the day after Passover, connects Freedom to Freedom.

Freedom in the Passover sense means freedom from.  From what?  From...Read more...

Lag BaOmer- Up in Flames?

05/09/2022 03:26:43 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

Since the Middle Ages, the Jewish School Year has concluded with a hike into the woods and bonfires into the night.  Lag BaOmer certainly has religious and mystical overtones: it commemorates how Jewish learning went on despite the Roman decree of death to anyone...Read more...

Shalom  in the Home- and in Israel!  Happy Israel Independence Day!

05/01/2022 09:44:56 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


I had the great privilege of subbing in our religious school this Sunday and wanted to share how a discussion about Israel became a deeper discussion about family harmony and peace.

The students were asked to plan an itinerary for a trip to Israel; but a trip like no...Read more...

The Omer Challenge: Mission of Transformation!

04/26/2022 12:21:29 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

The Omer and Self-Improvement go together like thunder and lightning!  Each day is another spiritual opportunity for growth.  Take a look at the below table and with just one small spiritual challenge each day you'll be amazed!

Omer: Days...

How Shall I be a Jew?  Let Me Count the Ways: Guide to Sefirat HaOmer

04/19/2022 08:04:17 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


There are seven weeks between the freedom we won in Egypt, given by G-d, and the freedom we achieved at Sinai, receiving the Torah.  

This sacred history isn't a bit of...

Passover- The Two Ways out of Slavery

04/13/2022 01:03:57 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


Every year we are told to see ourselves as being freed from Egypt.  The Baal Shem Tov said that the minute we stop leaving Egypt, we are back there again- that is how pernicious and "sticky" slavery is.

The way out is, according to the Torah, to head out to the...Read more...

Pesach?  Really?  Already?  No way!

04/03/2022 10:02:35 AM


Rabbi Rudin









Dear Adath Shalom Mishpocho, shalom!

Pesach?  Really?  Already?  No way!
This must have been what it was like back in...Read more...

Shabbat HaChodesh: The Dark of the Moon

03/27/2022 03:49:47 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

The very first Mitzvah given to the Jewish people might be surprising.   It wasn't to be fruitful and multiply -- that was the blessing given to Adam and Eve.  It wasn't to be holy or to be sure to do Mitzvot.  It was in fact to start our own...Read more...

The Four Special Shabbatot

03/22/2022 09:12:18 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


This month of Adar is the final month of the Hebrew year ushering in the springtime month of Nisan, the month of rebirth and liberation, the month of Passover.  Rosh HaShana may be the birthday of the world but Nisan is the first month of the year.  

But...

When all  Lights Went Out... Drasha for Purim

03/15/2022 11:20:51 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


When the Messiah comes, says the Talmud, and all the crooked paths are made straight and the worm of hate in the heart of humanity has been excised at last, all of the festivals will be abolished.  No more Passover or Yom Kippur.  No more Shavuot or Chanukah.  Why? ...Read more...

03/15/2022 11:20:29 PM


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Hard Wired for Error D'var Torah for Vayikra

03/08/2022 07:55:02 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


A goodly portion of the third book of the Torah is devoted to the ritual aspects of basically...Read more...

Welcoming Our Newest Member: D'var Torah for Rosh Chodesh Adar

03/02/2022 12:03:35 PM


Rabbi Rudin

The Secret of Purim, the Call from the Darkness

As we approach the Holiday of Purim we are obligated to once again read and study the account of how the Jewish people was not only saved from genocide but the Second Temple was built, restoring our national...Read more...

The Gathering...  Parshat  VaYakehl

02/22/2022 10:53:44 AM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


Constructing the Mishkan - A Common Task

VaYakhel: Building the Place of G-d's Presence on Earth

Historical moments seem to be made by great men and women doing something great at a great time. But is it so?

In Torah terms, the...

Ki Tissah: Buns of Steel, Calves of Gold?  What???

02/15/2022 04:40:38 PM


Rabbi Rudin


   Calf of Gold...

Sorry for the bad pun.  But really... if you were going to build an idol to inspire and lead your community forward, would you choose a...Read more...

The Golden Altar: The Mystery of the Soul- Parshat Tetzvaveh

02/06/2022 09:11:39 AM



Thou Shall Not Collapse G‑d's Wavefunction | Torah and Science

What does a soul look like?  This week's Torah portion might try to answer that.  

Up on Sinai, G-d and Moses are talking blueprints.  For what?  The Tabernacle- the traveling...Read more...

02/06/2022 09:11:10 AM


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Building the World, the Home and the Self: Parshat Teruma

01/30/2022 10:47:51 AM


Rabbi Rudin


Parshat Terumah: The Mishkan: Some Assembly Required - YouTube

We Jews are nomads from way back.  Ignoring fences and boundaries, always seeking the future, on the move.  That's pretty much Jewish history.  Together with that, we have a center, a...Read more...

Oy Vey... another day another hassle?  Parshat Mishpatim

01/25/2022 10:23:20 AM



In this week's Parsha, following hard on the lofty sentiments of the Revelation on Sinai we come back down to earth hard with the four hassles... the Arba'ah Avot D'Nezikin, the categories of misfortune, damage and alas crime to which we are all subject.  And here they are:

1. Shein:...

The Blessing of Being a Blessing: Taking Action as Sacred Response

01/18/2022 01:04:33 PM


Rabbi Rudin

The Blessing of Being a Blessing: Taking Action as Sacred Response

By Rabbi Moshe Rudin


This is my personal take… not that of Adath Shalom or anyone else… thanks!


Tu Bishvat,  5782: Welcome to the First Tu Bishvat Sofa Seder!

01/11/2022 09:09:48 PM


Rabbi Rudin

It’s the… Adath Shalom Tu Bishvat Sofa Seder!  

The history of Tu Bishvat: From legalistic debate to fruit-eating bonanza -  Jewish World -

Adath Shalom’s Virtual Tu...

01/11/2022 09:09:35 PM


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01/10/2022 08:50:46 PM


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Jewish Realism=Optimism.  Happy 2022

01/03/2022 03:30:53 PM


Rabbi Rudin


Optimism is built into the Jewish soul.  It is not that we deny grim realities and daunting challenges -- we certainly have faced more than our share of those.  But we also have an awareness born of our history that there...Read more...

Exodus! When do we get out of Egypt already??

12/19/2021 01:45:02 PM


Rabbi Rudin


Sermons | Park City Gospel Church

If these years of oppression have served any purpose at all, they have increased our longing and our yearning for the redemption of Israel.

Thus wrote Rabbi Kalonymous Kalman Shapiro, the Piasetzna Rebbe, from the indescribable...Read more...

Was Jacob really a  Bad Father?  The True Meaning of the Coat of Many ColorsParshat VaYechi

12/14/2021 10:05:52 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Parshat VaYechi: Was Jacob a Bad Father?  

The True Meaning of the Coat of Many Colors

Every year as we read the Joseph story we look for lessons in the tragic...Read more...

Spirituality Vs. Stress: The Torah's Prescription: Parshat VaYigash, 5782

12/07/2021 11:46:18 AM




The Menorah...

Chanukah: 2021 You Want Proof?  YOU are the Proof!

12/01/2021 09:48:27 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Nissim Black, the amazing Haredi  singer/rapper who released his and fellow rapper Kosha Dillz' take on Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song 2.0 (destined to be a classic) raps, When they get up at you and say, give me proof; well it's you -- and every other...Read more...

Where Does the Flame Come From?  A Chanukah Message for 5782

11/23/2021 12:29:48 PM


Rabbi Rudin

A short Kavannah -- Intention- for lighting the Menorah on a cold evening! 

Video thumbnail: Chanukah 5782- Where does the flame come from?



Rolling the Stone  off the Well

11/09/2021 10:12:15 PM



לטייל עם התנ"ך: מהי האבן שגלל יעקב מהבאר? - סרוגים

I can almost hear them.

"Did you see what that skinny Jewish kid just did?"

"He rolled that huge boulder off the well and drew water for all of our flocks!  I can't believe it!"

In between the...

Tue, May 24 2022 23 Iyyar 5782