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Lifelong Learning

torah, Star of David, cloudsThe Mishna tells us that the study of Torah is the greatest human act for it leads to all of the other actions that bring blessing and benefit to the world.  At Adath Shalom, we take an expansive view of Torah study: from ritual skills such as Torah reading, Hebrew, understanding and leading prayers to engagement with Jewish thought, values, culture and spirituality on every level.  We are constantly preparing new offerings and creating new opportunities including courses, trips, discussions, shows, movies, speakers, cooking, mind/body, music and more!   

In the current atmosphere where we cannot be together in person, we will try to connect you to the "world-at-large" through our traditional class offerings, and so much more.


Shamayim ThanksGiving!

Delicious, Healthy and Vegan Entree for Thanksgiving with Dr. Neal Smith!  Click here for the recipe and here for the demo


For the New Year, Adath Shalom is partnering with our own member Aaron Guttman to help us all move better, feel better, and live better with innovative community health and wellness programming. This includes a series of events funded through a grant Aaron helped us get from an organization called "Shamayim" (translates to heaven) to raise awareness of how the decisions on the plate affect our individual health, our community and the planet.

Here is the beautiful, healthy food that was prepared for the October 3rd event.

  Click here to view some great recipes and learn more 

Adath Shalom  Trip to  Spain April 3-13, 2022

Torah 24/7: Rabbi Rudin shares moments of inspiration   from the wellsprings of Torah

Megillah Epilogue: How to save the world- the power of namedropping!  Sometimes it's not just the what, it's the WHO! Check it!

Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782