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An Attitude of Gratitude  - There's an app for that!

07/30/2023 09:21:50 PM


My morning spiritual practice begins with the recitation of the traditional words of gratitude that many of us learned as children: Modeh (modah) Ani. The 12 words can be found on p.61 of our siddur. "I am grateful to You, living, enduring Sovereign, for restoring my soul to me in compassion. You are faithful beyond measure." Saying those words and taking a few moments to actually list things for which I am grateful in a little journal help me inject positivity into my day. I may have written about this before, but this has become a very powerful practice for me.

The last two words of Modeh Ani, "rabbah emunatehcha" is actually taken from the book of Lamentations, the book we just read in observance of our greatest national tragedy, the destruction of the both Temples. Some translate these words not as "You are faithful", but "Your faith in me is great". In the context of Lamentations, these are words of hope: "The kindness of the Lord has not ended, His mercies are not spent, they are renewed every morning, . Rabbah Emunatehcha - "ample is Your grace!" The power of these two words are amplified when read in their original context. 

I am sure I have written about Rabbi Shefa Gold once or twice in the past. Rabbi Shefa Gold is best known for infusing Jewish prayer with an ecstatic spiritual practice of chanting.  She has set hundreds of liturgical and biblical verses to chants which are meant to be repeatedly sung to induce a state of focus and kavanah (intention).   Before studying for the rabbinate she was a musician who in her words was trying to "create sacred space" with her music. She is the director of C-Deep which stands for The Center for Devotional, Energy and Ecstatic Practice in New Mexico. She has produced 10  CD's of her own chants, and music some of which have become standard in many synagogues. She has been greatly influential in the world of Jewish spirituality and has  inspired  many people through  her retreats and chant leaders training program. 

In addition to her very extensive website which makes available her hundreds of chants based on liturgical and biblical verses, she created an app which you can download and hear over 120 inspiring melodies she has composed for Modeh Ani. It is a beautiful and positive way to begin one's day and to develop an attitude of gratitude. 

You can read more about Modeh Ani and Rabbi Shefa Gold's understanding of the prayer here. 

Modeh Ani My Jewish Learning

Here are some of Rabbi Shefa Gold's Modeh Ani melodies: 

Rabbi Shefa Gold Modeh Ani melodies

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