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Rabbi Moshe Rudin
973-539-8549, x110

Moshe Rudin has long been a voice for Jewish renewal, engagement and commitment. With a background as varied and diverse as the American Jewish community itself, Rabbi Rudin has studied in Yeshivot (Rabbinical seminaries) in Jerusalem, lived and worked on Kibbutzim, and served in leadership roles in Jewish education, social action, Israel advocacy, camping and more. Innovative and nurturing, Rabbi Rudin brings passion, inspiration and creativity to spiritual leadership and education. He is inspired most by the personal stories and odysseys of those he has taught and served as spiritual leader. Motivated by a profound love for Torah and Am Yisrael (the Jewish people), Rabbi Rudin has shared his inspiration through teaching, music, storytelling and forging strong connections both personally and professionally across age levels, denominations and faiths.

Originally from New England and the Midwest, and with roots in Conservative Judaism in which he was raised, Rabbi Rudin studied at Boston University before transferring to Haifa University. His rabbinic ordination is from the Academy for Jewish Religion, a rabbinical school whose focus is on preparing rabbis and cantors for service to Klal Yisrael – to Jewish people regardless of their affiliation or involvement.

With a goal of creating a rabbinate of engagement, Rabbi Rudin has sought to make prayer and Torah more accessible to congregants through means as varied as music, drama, literature, art, discussion, meditation, cooking and, of course, classical text study.

Rabbi Rudin places the highest value on building individual relationships and strengthening connections. One of his favorite texts is from Rabbi Akiva’s description of Torah as sharing light from candle to candle: neither are diminished – instead, they are strengthened by each other and more light shines forth. For him, the rabbinate is loving service, being there for congregants in times of need as well as celebration.

Rabbi Rudin also enjoys playing guitar and hiking. But most of all he delights in celebrating life with his wife, Joyce, and children, Yonaton, Shimrit and Sophie – and the family’s shitsu, Matzah.

Cantor Lois Kittner
973-539-8549, x111

“How good it is to wrap oneself in prayer, spinning a deep softness of gratitude to G-d around all thoughts, enveloping oneself in the silk of a song.”
-Abraham Joshua Heschel

Cantor Lois Kittner grew up on Long Island, NY. A former New York City cabaret performer, Lois brings her passion for singing and interpretation of song to her davenning. Cantor Lois is dedicated to helping others find connection in their prayer experience. She loves to leyn (chant from the Torah) and loves to teach other leyners of all ages. Listen to her sound files of music and prayers.

Over the last twenty years, Cantor Lois has served Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist congregations, and has enjoyed learning from the different approaches to Jewish liturgy and song. Cantor Kittner was ordained from The Academy of Jewish Religion, in Yonkers, New York, and received her Masters in Jewish Studies from Gratz College.

Cantor Kittner lives in Bergen County with her husband, Nathan Kittner. They have two grown sons: Gregory and Matthew.

Jack Korbman z''l

Cantor Jack Korbman z''l

Cantor Emeritus

Jack Korbman z”l, our Cantor Emeritus, served as our synagogue’s Cantor for 30 years from 1985-2015. During his tenure, Cantor Korbman touched the lives of so many in our community and developed strong bonds and friendships with our congregants. Over his career, he prepared a thousand B’nai Mitzvah students to lead services with confidence and pride, officiated at numerous wedding and baby namings and provided comfort to families in need. Jack’s humor, warmth, mastery of Chazanut, and above all compassion and commitment are woven into the fabric of our lives and community forever.

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Cantor Korbman was a fifth generation Cantor, and his father was both a Rabbi and a Cantor. As a youngster, Cantor Korbman was the alto soloist for the Mark Silver Choir and sang with the prominent Cantors Berele Chagy, Marice Ganchoff and Samual Vigoda. His mother gave him a firm foundation in piano and always took him to hear and learn from the great Cantors of that era. Cantor Korbman graduated from Upsala College and held a Masters Degree from Seton Hall University. Cantor Korbman passed in 2017 and was mourned by his entire congregational family. His legacy shines on in the synagogue that he loved and served.

Cantor Emeritus Korbman is survived by his wife Barbara and their three sons: Jeffrey, Mark Jiorle and Barry.

Tue, September 21 2021 15 Tishrei 5782