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Daily Torah with Rabbi Rudin

08/11/2020 02:29:47 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

Rabbi Rudin

Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah -   When is G-d Close?

10/09/2020 04:10:30 PM


Shemini Atzeret: Shabbat

The end of the Tishrei Holidays When we begin to pray for rain/start of the growing season Yizkor is said, so Yahrtzeit Candles are lit. The image of the holiday is that it's G-d's leave-taking after spending the month of Tishrei with his people and the world. Visit the Sukkah but don't say the blessing.

Simchat Torah: Sunday

Celebrated only in the Diaspora: in Israel, it's celebrated...

Happy Sukkot! Chag Sameach!

10/01/2020 06:54:43 PM


clip art sukkah

And at the time of ingathering, you shall celebrate the Feast of Sukkot at the turning of the year...Seven Days shall you dwell in Sukkot and you shall rejoice on your festival.
What's with the Booth in the Backyard?
Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur are sacred...

Yom Kippur, 5781

09/24/2020 12:42:07 PM


Yom Kippur, the White Fast, is not just a day of self-denial.  It is a day when we remind ourselves who we really are: not a physical organism merely but a spiritual being.  The day is one of struggle but ultimately of freedom and cleansing: a demarcation of a fresh start.

Kippur, atonement, is related to the concept of K'fira, negation.  We temporarily seek to escape from the boundaries of our individual existence and...Read more...

Signs of Hope - D'var Torah for Rosh Hashana, 5781

09/17/2020 11:11:34 AM


In his bestseller The Gifts of the Jews, writer Thomas Cahill points out that Judaism's unique outlook liberated the world from the perception of human history as an endless round of birth, growth, decay and death to one that recognized the possibility, indeed the inevitability, of growth, evolution and progress.   In other words, if Judaism can be boiled down to a single word, that word would be Tikvah -- Hope -- as in Israel's national...Read more...

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