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Torah with Rabbi Rudin: Check out Rabbi Rudin's Hebrew and Torah classes!

08/11/2020 02:29:47 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

Rabbi Rudin

Three of Life: Parshat Toldot and Its Lessons

11/03/2021 11:06:42 AM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin

Lessons About Anti-Semitism We Can Learn From the Pittsburgh Synagogue  Attack | Time

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... the Big Three, our holy patriarchs.  What is it about these ancestors of us all...Read more...

Chayei Sarah: The Improper Prayer

10/26/2021 03:07:48 PM


Rebekah at the well – Bible stuff

Just because I've been studying Torah most of my sixty-one years doesn't mean I know the first thing about it.  The narrative has depths and levels that I have...Read more...

Rain of Fire!    Parshat VaYera

10/20/2021 10:49:54 AM


Everything that comes from G-d is ki tov --  only good.  But in the last few Torah portions, we have some pretty awful things arriving from heaven.

In Parshat Noach, a great flood descends and wipes out humanity.   In our Torah portion this week,...Read more...

Lech L'cha: The Irresistible Power of Small Things

10/12/2021 07:53:18 PM


Rabbi Rudin


The Never-Ending Journey of Lech Lecha: The Israel Forever Foundation

We all know that Abraham is the first Jew and that G-d calls to him with an invitation to become the living channel by which G-d's...Read more...

Come the Rain: the Month of Heshvan

10/05/2021 06:29:28 PM


Various Artists - Here Comes The Rain: lyrics and songs | Deezer

With the end of the High Holidays, the rainy season sets in, a time of growing our inner lives and roots.  In the land of Israel, our...Read more...

10/05/2021 06:28:40 PM


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Sukkot, 5782: Between Judgment and Joy

09/20/2021 09:59:12 AM


Rabbi Rudin

 Sukkot, 5782

Between Judgment and Joy...


Repentance: It’s Complicated -- A Yom Kippur Spiritual Primer offered with prayers for forgiveness by Rabbi Rudin

09/12/2021 05:59:21 PM



The language of Yom Kippur is the language of repentance -- of teshuva.  


But repentance isn’t simple.  The Rabbis talk about repentance from fear: regretting past actions and...Read more...

Chalomot Shamayim: Dreaming of Heaven

09/01/2021 07:12:29 AM



Adath Shalom is Chosen as a Shamayim Vegan Challenge Synagogue

By Rabbi Rudin

A Year of Health and Healing: Adath Shalom’s Spiritual Vision and Mission for 5782

At our Selichot service last Saturday night, we honored our healers by asking them to stand and...Read more...

Selichot: The Midnight  Moment (okay, so we do it at 8:15)...

08/23/2021 12:18:49 PM


Rabbi Rudin

This Saturday night marks the official beginning of the High Holiday season with the Selichot service.  This year, we'll be joined by our friends at Congregation B'nai Israel of Basking Ridge as we honor and thank our healers and first responders.   Here's Rabbi Rudin's five-minute Torah lesson on what exactly are Selichot services... check it out! 


08/16/2021 11:15:04 AM


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08/16/2021 11:14:52 AM


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The Shofar Experience: Can it make a difference?

08/16/2021 11:11:27 AM


Check this 10 minute talk with Rabbi Rudin and see if it helps you add meaning to the sound of the Shofar.  Tekia! 


Shofar #3: The Shofar Time Machine!  Back to Sinai?  

08/12/2021 10:56:35 AM


2 Minutes of Meaning- Tekia!


Rabbi Rudin's Message to Our High School Graduates... Mazal Tov!

08/11/2021 04:08:22 PM


A Message to our High School Grads, Families and our Community..


Mazal Tov!  Welcome to a most exciting time of your life!  It has been our great joy and pride to...Read more...

Feel the Shofar #1!  Why Sound the Shofar Anyway?

08/10/2021 10:29:40 AM


Check out a quick three minute Shofar Sound and an inspiring message as we approach Rosh HaShana! 


Parshat Re'eh: The Blessing is Before You

08/03/2021 12:57:47 PM


All that is required of us is to take the Blessing that is before us.  The Blessing does not always lead to well-being, wealth and success -- it is not our purposes that are served, but HaShem's.  But sometimes, the Blessing that we seize leads to something much, much more.  Hear about the life and legacy of Raoul Wallenberg, whose great heroism was commemorated this past Sunday by the Mayor of Parsippany, the Interfaith...Read more...

The Torah Code(s)' Message for What's Next... 

07/26/2021 11:38:25 AM


Rabbi Rudin


The Torah is filled to overflowing with messages.  Every letter, every space, every line is G-d's voice reaching out to you in love and urgency.  This is so true that I want to shout it from the rooftops:  Do you want to find G-d's presence?  Just open G-d's...Read more...

One Mitzvah at a Time  -- Life's Elevator

07/18/2021 01:41:14 PM


Rabbi Rudin

With the end of Tisha B'Av, can the High Holidays be far behind?  And... so what?  What can this calendar fact mean for us?

The Slonimer Rebbe, one of Israel's Hasidic masters, writes in his book, "Ways of Peace," that there are 613 mitzvot in the Torah.  And what is a mitzvah?  A good deed?  An order from on high?  A kind act?  None of those, says the Slonimer, but also, all of them. What it really...Read more...

Time's Wound: The Month of Av

07/14/2021 10:46:18 AM


The list of terrible things that happened during this month is truly daunting.  In Torah, time is "sticky." Good events collect on certain days as do bad ones on other days.  :Good things happen in Adar and this early spring month is an auspicious time; an example is Purim.  Av is...Read more...

Matot/Masei: The Jewish American Journey Continues

07/06/2021 07:52:28 PM


Rabbi Rudin

Is the American Jewish Journey different from the others?  During our history, we have lived in many climes, many countries.  In some we were welcomed and later persecuted and expelled.  In others, we lived in peace for millennia and gradually faded away into assimilation and loss of identity.  And in others... I don't have to say what happened because the memory still haunts us.

America was founded not on a...

07/05/2021 04:26:44 PM


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Strength from Sorrow: The Power of Yearning and the 17th of Tammuz and Three Weeks

06/27/2021 01:22:42 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin



We...

The Month of Tammuz -- Summertime Blues?

06/09/2021 11:36:08 AM


Being in tune with the Jewish calendar, we know that summertime is not the relaxed vacation time we enjoy.   Here’s a rundown of the tough times we commemorate:


Rosh Chodesh Tammuz (6/10-11):  Hearing complaints, seeing doubt and a crisis of faith in the...Read more...

Memorial Day 2021

06/01/2021 11:37:15 AM



Dear Adath Shalom Family;

As we join our families and friends, gathering for a picnic or barbeque on this Memorial Day, for many of us, our first get-together after this long, dreadful year of the pandemic, let us reflect on the obstacles that we have overcome and the sacrifices that have been made to make it possible for us to "sit every one under their vine and fig tree."  


Our country, our...

Revelations: A Trip to the Dover Sinai Cemetery

05/23/2021 03:43:26 PM


Rabbi Rudin


Revelations: A Trip to the Dover Sinai Cemetery

זְכֹר֙ יְמ֣וֹת עוֹלָ֔ם בִּ֖ינוּ שְׁנ֣וֹת דֹּר־וָדֹ֑ר 

Zachor Y’mot Olam…  remember the days past, the years of each generation. ...Read more...

Israel in the Crucible: Update

05/16/2021 12:14:12 PM


Dear Adath Shalom Family;

I have been asked to present a concise and I hope accurate description of the current crisis in Israel especially in the face of much misinformation and outright untruths that cloud the flow of information.  Clearly as a Rabbi, proud Zionist and Jew and father of a grown child in Israel, I make no pretensions to being objective but at the same time, I strive to be truthful and factual...Read more...

A Vigil of Fear and a Vigil of Hope

05/12/2021 08:23:25 AM


Rabbi Rudin

Emergency Message for Shavuot from Rabbi Rudin

Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, 5781; the anniversary of the day when after two millennia the City of Jerusalem, the national home and focus of longing for the Jewish people became ours again, is turned into a day of violence and fear.

Not an enthusiastic gardener, I was fulfilling a belated Mother’s Day promise to plant some bushes in the back yard a few hours ago when my...Read more...

Count the Omer and Grow Spiritually with Rabbi Rudin!

04/05/2021 02:16:37 PM



The Mishna tells us that Torah study develops 48 spiritual superpowers!  Check out the daily quote about the middah (virtue) of the day and focus on developing that trait in your own journey!

Days...

Pesach 5781  The Ancient Promise

03/24/2021 09:06:19 AM


Rabbi Rudin


The Promise that has Stood

In ancient times, two leaders who wished to enter into an agreement would share a meal to demonstrate...Read more...

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