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Chayei Sarah, 5784 Campus Update: One of our College Students Speaks out!

11/07/2023 05:35:28 PM


Sarah Imenu, Sarah Our Mother, whose life is celebrated in this week’s Parsha, exemplifies the authenticity and moral courage that nurtures the Jewish people to this day. It is appropriate to share the words of one of our community’s spiritual successors of Sarah as we continue to be nurtured by her example.

This week’s D’var Tora comes to us from Adath Shalom alumna, Carly, who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at our shul and is now a freshman at Penn State. Writing as an assignment in a class about cultural exchange, I was moved by Carly’s message of affirmation and wanted to share her inspiring perspective as she makes a beautiful appeal for empathy and sees the situation in Israel in the context of the tragic parts of our history.  Enjoy!