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Let Us Give Thanks... 

11/20/2022 02:15:26 PM


Rabbi Rudin


Among the gifts that the Jews have given the world is the gift of gratitude- for gratitude requires a source.  Seeing each day, seeing the world, as a gift given rather than an ordeal to endure, that is truly a revolution in how each human sees life, for no matter what we face, there is always something for which we can be grateful.

 I wrote this song a while back to express this truth- and I was amazed and so moved to see how it resonated with those of the other Abrahamic Faiths.  As we complete our reading of the lives of Abraham and Sarah, I invite you to reflect on this aspect of monotheism: perhaps the point of the whole thing.  When we live our lives in gratitude, our resilience, happiness, ability to act and personal empowerment rise higher and higher.  As Jews, giving thanks comes not once a year but every day.  The first thing a Jews says in the morning is Modeh- I give thanks for restoring my soul, for another day of life. 

Let us give thanks- I invite you to listen to the song and pay attention to the references to the Torah and Book of Psalms: through this sacred language, we invite all humanity to join us in gratitude, peace and love- Happy Thanksgiving! 

Lyrics and chords are here... 



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