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08/23/2022 03:20:37 PM


     My husband and I have been slowly purging some of the possessions we have accumulated over the years. We started almost a year ago and have continued to work through the clutter in fits and spurts. I have found that the constant decision making is exhausting, but once I decide to rid myself of an object and do whatever has to be done to remove the object from my home, I feel a great sense of relief. I realize I am letting go of objects that no longer serve me. Here too, in my role as Director of the religious school, I have been called upon to purge and organize years of accumulated materials. I had a lot of help. In June, several  volunteers  helped clear out a very cluttered supply room. Today, Jerry Moses, the co-chair of buildings and grounds accelerated a big purge of the religious school wing by bringing in a crew to clear out the clutter. In an hour, all the accumulated clutter was gone. 

     In just a few days the month of Elul begins and it will be time for a different kind of a purge. A much more difficult one. This is a purge that requires us to look deeply into the corners of our own souls to find the clutter of emotions that drives us to act and react in ways we later regret. We try to identify which behaviors have become habits, but no longer serve us. This  is a deeply personal process that begins in a very personal place.  As difficult as it was to go through the religious school wing and distinguish between what to keep and what to let go of, I realize it was much easier than the task that lies ahead in the coming weeks. The annual soul work that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur challenge us to engage in is draining,  but in the end, we will begin again relieved,  refreshed and renewed. I wish you a success in letting go of whatever no longer serves you. Shanah Tovah. 













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