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08/09/2022 01:31:23 PM


We are so thrilled to announce that you can now register your children for religious school through your shulcloud account.

Simply follow these instructions: 

1. Log into your shulcloud account and scroll down to "other info".

2. Look for tiles that say: "My Enrollments" and "Start School Enrollments".

3. Click on "Start School Enrollments" and fill in the information requested. Some information will automatically be filled out from out database. 

Speaking about our wonderful religious school... I have never been enamored with the titles of "Hebrew school" or "Religious school". After all, we teach much more than just either "Hebrew" or "religion". In Hebrew, a synagogue is called a "beit k'nesset", or a house of gathering. We gather for prayer, for study and for celebration. Sometimes we gather simply to feel connected.  I wonder if  our religious school might benefit from a name that more adequately describes the variety of activities and the focus of our programs. I love the following options and wonder what you think: 

KESHER - Kesher means "connection": The goals of any synagogue religious school are to forge a connection between the  youth and Judaism. Our school is a vehicle through which to build a lifelong "kesher" to the Jewish community. 

DOROT - "generations" - after all, isn't that what our school is about, bringing up a new generation? 

BEIT NO'AR - "House of youth"

BEIT MIDRASH - "House of study" 

"LAPID" OR "SHALHEVET" - The logo of Adath Shalom is a menorah. A menorah is a source of light and inspiration. A "lapid" is a torch and "shalhevet" means flame. Either of these would be a meaningful way to extend the metaphor of our logo. We have to "pass the torch" and light the flame of passion for Judaism within our youngest members. 

What do you think? Feel free to email me at 




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