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Shalom  in the Home- and in Israel!  Happy Israel Independence Day!

05/01/2022 09:44:56 PM


Rabbi Moshe Rudin


I had the great privilege of subbing in our religious school this Sunday and wanted to share how a discussion about Israel became a deeper discussion about family harmony and peace.

The students were asked to plan an itinerary for a trip to Israel; but a trip like no other.  A trip that has something for everyone.  

So the students explored Israel NOT through their eyes but through the eyes of their loved ones.  

Talk about your paradigm shifts!  

So try it... take a quick virtual visit to the Land of the Jews and think: who of my nearest and dearest would really love this?  Let's learn the secrets of Shalom Bayit, Shalom in the Home, from our children and see what a trip to Israel- and every journey, in the words of Rabbi Nachman, is a journey to your own Israel- might look like through the eyes of love?  Bon Voyage!

Create your own itinerary!

Overview of Israel

Arriving in Israel: Plant a Tree!

A Visit to the Western Wall- and going below the surface!

Seeing through the eyes of our brethren of other faiths; Muslim and Christian holy sites of Jerusalem

Climbing Masada: at 4:00 AM????

Yad L'Kashish: Why one of the Holiest Sites of Jerusalem isn't a mosque, synagogue or church but an art studio!

Felafel, Sabich, Shakshuka and more- the awesome street food of Israel!

Nightlife in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Shopping in Jaffa

Don't forget the Camels!

The Natural Life

The Unsinkable Dead Sea

Yad L'Shem: Never Forget, Never Again!

The Dawn of Zionism


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