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The Torah Code(s)' Message for What's Next... 

07/26/2021 11:38:25 AM


Rabbi Rudin


The Torah is filled to overflowing with messages.  Every letter, every space, every line is G-d's voice reaching out to you in love and urgency.  This is so true that I want to shout it from the rooftops:  Do you want to find G-d's presence?  Just open G-d's love letter to you: the Torah! 

And it's not in point.  Think you have to delve deeply and burn the midnight oil to truly hear the hidden voice?  Well...yes!  But on a simpler level there's plenty there for those of us who want a straightforward and plain message. 

The very names of the Torah portions for the next two months are a very plain message about preparing for the relaunch of the Planet Earth Creation Project on September 6th, Tishrei 1, 5782, Rosh HaShanah.  How to prepare?  Let's just look at the names of the Torah portions, first in Hebrew, then in English and it will become amazingly clear....

The names of the Parshiot are ( in order)...Devarim * V'etchanan * Ekev * Re'eh  * Shoftim * Ki Tetzei * Ki Tavo * Nitzavim ยท Vayelech * Ha'azinu * V'Zot HaBracha.

Now, here is the English with just a little "filling in between the lines" by yours truly.

These words of Torah (which) I beg, if you follow (and) reflect, (then) when you go forth (from this year) (and) come to (the new year), standing firm (and) going forward (in the values of Torah), being mindful (of them), this will be a blessing!

Basically then, the very names of the Torah portions that we read between and now and Rosh HaShanah form a cogent message: spend a little time -- ten minutes? -- each day studying Torah, values, Jewish history, text, culture; learn one new thing about Judaism if you can -- and let that exciting sense of always learning and growing infuse the year will be a blessing!

Some say that the most important word in Hebrew is shalom.  Others say it's zachor (remember).  Others say it's brit (covenant) or emet (truth) or chesed (love).  I'll throw my yamulke into the ring and offer this: the most important word is TORAH which actually means connecting through dialogue and values.  Just like when our grandparents stand next to their children and we pass the Torah scroll down the generations until it reaches our bar/bat mitzvah -- the lawlore of Judaism is a song, a conversation, an essence.  When we live it, learn it, speak of it, study it, it brings bracha, blessing, into our lives, our community and the world...just like the secret message of the names of the portions says.  

Let's make these last weeks of 5781 count  by exploring and to me about a class or even a private session each week/month...or visit,,,, or many other websites for texts, insights, info.... You'd be amazed at what inspiring things you can learn in just a few minutes every day, twice a week, or even once a week -- the Torah is there for you: just grab hold! 

Shabbat Shalom


Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784