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Chanukah, 5781 - A Personal Dedication to Share

12/09/2020 08:58:19 AM


Street with Chanuka lights

Rabbi Rudin’s Chanukah​ Prayer to Share

Daveed Diggs​ (Jefferson/Lafayette in Hamilton) Puppy for Hanukkah

Maccabeats​ bring the light! Click to hear their latest release with help from BTS and Ariana Grande!


With humility and love, I offer this short reading for you to share with your family at the lighting of the Chanukah lights.

בהעלותי את נר החנוכה הזה אני מעלה את אור האהבה והחסד בעולם, ואת כל אורות הקדושה. כן יהי רצון
שהעלותי תאיר לעולם כולו ותאיר את נשמתי ואת נשמת כל בני ביתי. אני הרי מקדיש )מקדישה( את אור זה
למשאלת ליבי בשם כל ישראל. אמן.

B’ha’aloti et Ner HaChanukah HaZeh, Ani Ma’aleh et Ohr ha’Ahava v’ha’chesed baOlam v’et kol Orot HaKedusha. Ken Yehi Ratzon sheh’ha’aloti ta’ir la’olam kulo v’ya’ir et nishmati v’et nishmat kol b’nei beiti. Ani harei makdish (makdisha) et ohr zeh l’mishalat libi b’shem kol Yisrael.

As I raise up this Chanukah candle, may I raise up and nurture the light of love and compassion in the world, and all of the lights of holiness. May it be G-d’s will that this kindling will illuminate the world and radiate in my neshama and the neshamas of all those I love. I hereby devote this light to the dearest aspirations of my heart, my most fervent prayers in the name of all of Israel. Amen.

In your heart, dedicate that night’s candle to a hope, a person, a prayer. Share your prayer with those you love.

Chanuka blessings

In the kabbalistic tradition, each candle is lit to energize a different soul-energy: 1st Night: Chesed- Love
2nd Night: Gevurah- Justice
3rd Night: Tiferet- Loving service to G-d and humanity
4th Night: Netzach- Passion for doing what is right
5th Night: Hod- Strength in Gentleness
6th Night: Yesod- Generosity and Giving
7th Night: Malchut- Tikkun Olam: concrete action right here, right now 8th Night: Tikvah- hope, dreams, longing for a renewed world

Wed, July 28 2021 19 Av 5781