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Here's to New Beginnings!

02/01/2022 09:52:05 AM


Chevre, (Friends),

At this writing, on Tuesday morning, 2/1/22, we are celebrating Day 1 of Rosh Chodesh Adar I (which began last night). Tonight, begins Day 2 of Rosh Chodesh Adar I , and boy! there sure is a lot of math in Jewish practice! This morning, during our staff meeting, Rabbi Rudin explained why we sometimes have two months of Adar, as we do this year. A quick Google search gave a similar explanation: "Since there is roughly an eleven day difference between the eleven lunar months and the solar year, the lunar months will travel through the year and appear at different seasons every year. ... In order to keep Pesach in that season, every two to three years an extra month is added to the calendar, adar."

I love the optimism and hope of new beginnings: Rosh Hashanah, and the secular New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, Rosh Chodesh (new month), the beginning of Shabbat on Friday Night, and the end of Shabbat, signaling the beginning of the new week, hopefully a good week (Shavua Tov). It got me to thinking, that, the Jewish calendar is designed with a deep focus on mindfulness, awareness, as is our liturgy (the selected prayers and readings for our services).

So, if you have been feeling a bit lost in time, trapped in some of the limitations of life during a pandemic, you may want to use today, tomorrow, this Shabbat, or whatever day you choose, really, as your own fresh start! If you don't have a siddur and a chumash at home, perhaps you can gift yourself with these staples of your personal Jewish library. Purim will arrive next month, in Adar II. Do you have your own copy of the Megillat Esther (the story of Esther)? Maybe this is the year you dive in a read along, while Rabbi Rudin chants, so that we may all fulfill the mitzvah (commandment) of hearing it read.

We can go along, day after day, not quite aware of the uniqueness of each precious moment, or, as Jews, we can use our beautiful, insightful mitzvot, to bring mindfulness and greater meaning to each unique day. Here's to the many opportunities we share to begin again! Chodesh Tov! (Happy New Month...of Adar I)

Tue, May 24 2022 23 Iyyar 5782