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01/04/2022 01:03:24 PM


Happy New Year! At this writing, on January 4th, I am remembering my father, who would have turned 102 today! Now, that just seems impossible! 102?! Yesterday, my sister and I were reminiscing about random moments that had come to mind. It made me stop and think of all of you. So many of our members, at Adath Shalom, have loved ones they've lost either recently or many, many years ago. Many of you are consistent in keeping their memories alive, honoring their yarhtzeits, giving tzedakah in their memory.

So, as we start the new secular year, I invite you to take some time to focus on what memories you'd like to build during this coming year. With Covid still in the forefront, many people are still mostly isolated. Does that mean they cannot have memories? I hope not. Zoom may not be the best answer, and it certainly isn't the only answer. We are limited in many ways, and we can be creative in many ways. Many of us are short on patience and feeling downhearted. If you can find it in your personal reserves, please continue to reach out to your family members and friends, who you may not be able to visit, and to fellow congregants who are in protective protocols.

May HaShem continue to shine light and blessing on you, and may we each build loving memories as we live the challenges of these exceptional times.

Tue, January 18 2022 16 Shevat 5782