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Announcing the  Month of Elul

08/03/2021 10:22:05 AM


Chevre (Friends),

This Shabbat we will announce the new month of Elul, which begins Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday. Can you hear the drums beating in the distance? I can! Elul is the month we use to enter into Rosh Hashanah, the new year, and every day we are allowed to blow shofar (i.e. not on Shabbat), we hear the startling cry of the ram's horn. Each day, we are reminded that we don't have all the time in the world; that we only have now, and that every little consideration can have life-changing impact, if we choose to make it so.

I wish you all time to honestly reflect on where you are right now: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. To the best of your ability, I wish you the courage to make real changes, and/or to seek the help you need to start to make the adjustments you know you need. Prayer is helpful, and comes in many forms. Action can help to convert thoughts into reality.

Last year, at this time, among other things, I was praying that G-d would save us, that G-d would help our scientists and medical professionals work miracles, and when vaccines began to be given, I sang my thanks to HaShem, with awe-filled emotion. I believe in miracles, now, more than ever. I hope you do too.

May you be blessed to witness the miracles all around you every day, and may you treasure each and every one.

Wed, May 25 2022 24 Iyyar 5782