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"A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey?" -- Forget it!

06/01/2021 02:42:42 PM


Chevre (Friends),

You may, or may not, be someone who,each week, takes time to read the chapter of Torah we will be reading during Shabbat. Or, perhaps you are in the habit of reading a chapter of Torah every week, and maybe even sharing your ideas with other interested friends or colleagues, and finding unique meaning from that week's  parasha (section/chapter).

If you haven't read this week's chapter (Sh'lakh)you might find it quite interesting. I wonder what your understanding might be if some of the story were changed up a bit? What if G-d told Moses to send the leading women of the tribes to investigate the promised land "flowing with milk and honey?" Or, what if the opinions of the men who came back with such doomsday reports were "pooh-poohed" by the Israelites, and the appreciation of G-d's promise was the only driving force? Or, what if our relationship with G-d was unconditional?

Who are the leaders? Is everyone else just following? Where is the faith that G-d's promise is real? Is this story applicable to anything going on in our lives today?

Praying for peace and wholeness, and wishing you all shalom.


Wed, May 25 2022 24 Iyyar 5782