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Some Notes from Cantor Lois- "Let's Be Sensible!"

02/17/2021 06:42:50 AM


Chevre, (Friends),

I recently had a meeting with a professional organization and one of my responsibilities was to come up with very short, fun, get-to-know-something-about-each-other exercises, when we were taking a break from the intense work we were focused on.  It ended up being fun and it also served as a reminder of how important it is for each of us to take breaks and, how important it is for each of us to take care of ourselves.

Perhaps you'd like to share some of your self-care practices when you are meeting with friends and/or family, that have to do with each of the five senses. We were very limited in the time spent when we were sharing with each other. You don't have to be! Here is the list my colleagues and I used as our guide:

1. A favorite recipe that you might share with everyone. (Taste)

2. A go-to calming practice that involves touch of some sort. (massage, acupuncture,

doing your nails, etc...) (Touch)

3. A favorite musical recording or music video - any genre - that you'd be prepared to play on a shared Zoom screen. (about a

minute of it, if you are limiting time)...(Hearing)

4. A Zoom-appropriate Purim costume, mask, hat, or Zoom filter, etc....(SIGHT)

5. A favorite aroma and how you use it in your self-care. (SMELL)

Be happy! It's Adar!

Love, Cantor Lois


Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782