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Happy New Year, Again

12/30/2020 04:10:55 PM


Living in two calendars offers twice the opportunities to celebrate, reflect, honor, and connect. We have our Jewish birthdates and our secular birthdates, our loved ones' yahrtzeits and the secular anniversaries of their passing, our Jewish wedding anniversary and our American wedding anniversary. We observed Rosh Hashanah, the "Head" of the Jewish new year, back in September, and, at this writing, tomorrow night is New Year's Eve. Some of us live with more emphasis in one calendar than in the other. Some of us seem to glide smoothly between the two.
It's been over nine months since many of us have seen each other in person. Many of us haven't seen our family, our children, our grandchildren. Some of us are facing severe financial challenges, severe medical challenges, mental health challenges, and winter is now upon us. We distract ourselves with Netflix and Spotify, (aka movies and music), and we plod along as best we can. What else could we possibly do to help ourselves?
I am not suggesting that everyone reading this become suddenly 100% Shomer Shabbat, 100% observant of all of the mitzvot (commandments), connected to Shabbat. I am strongly suggesting that the wisdom and richness of having a Shabbat ritual and intention as part of your weekly routine, will be a healthy addition to your life. Don't worry so much about "doing it right". Much of what is done during a ritual is custom, and therefore different from one home to another, one region to another. Give yourself the gift of creating a meaningful ritual.
Here is my weekly erev Shabbat message from 12/18/20.....

Wishing you all good health, strength, peace, and love!

With many thanks to The Creator for helping us to stay connected with each other!

Cantor Lois

Sun, November 28 2021 24 Kislev 5782