Chesed (Caring)

Chesed (Caring)

Shalom! What is the Chesed committee? Chesed doesn’t precisely translate into English, but it generally means giving compassion or kindness. Adath Shalom’s Chesed committee focuses on ‘Acts of Loving Kindness’ to help congregants and our surrounding community meet  life’s challenges, bringing them our spirituality and compassion.

We work closely with the Rabbi. Our committee also works with individual members, synagogue committees, and the synagogue staff to identify needs and organize responses.  Sometimes, Chesed takes a large coordinated effort, at others, just a few moments of kindness. We hope to lift spirits, alleviate isolation, and re-establish links among our congregational family.

If you know of any congregants who are experiencing a major life change – – any circumstances needing support (e.g. surgery or an illness in the family) or a simcha  (birth or expecting a child), please let us know. Our community’s joy is intrinsically connected. Any way we can reach out to offer our support, we do:

meals ● transportation ● visits with kindness and encouragement ●
●phone calls ● personal notes ● small gifts

We also traditionally do blood drives, toy collections for hospitalized children during holiday times, and we donate and work at local food pantries.

It’s so important to give others the opportunity to perform this mitzvah, so please allow Adath Shalom to lend a hand! Or consider lending a hand yourself! We always welcome new volunteers. The Chesed committee only requires the time you can commit…  It can be just a one-time thing or you can join us for our bigger initiatives.

For more information, please contact one of our Chesed Committee Chairs or Rabbi Rudin.

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